Nut butters were never supposed to be a part of Meredith Sides' life; but, then again, neither was living abroad. Not wanting to choose the path that most other people in her small town followed - moving from high school into the trades, farming or beauty school - she moved to Philadelphia for college, did a semester abroad in Europe, and then, on a whim, decided to spend a gap year before going to medical school teaching English in China. 5 years later she still doesn't even know her own blood type, but she knows what her passion is, and it's nut butters. She's the Co-founder of Naked Nut Butters, a purveyor of all-natural nut butters in China. And far from having any desire to go back "home," she's discovered that she enjoys the uncertainty of the #ExpatLife. She doesn't want to feel "nailed down" by the expectations of her home culture. And with her new business taking off, she's fully invested in life overseas... and nut butters.

Read more about Naked Nut Butters' recent presentation at China's Paradise Foundation annual board meeting + their meeting with Alibaba founder Jack Ma here. You can also check them out on social media:
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