Chaniece started her journey towards life overseas when she was deciding which foreign language to take in college. As it turned out, the professor with the highest satisfaction ratings from students taught Chinese, so that's what she chose. After scoring consistently high grades in her classes, she decided to make it her major and her fate was sealed: You really can't succeed in a Chinese program without spending time in China. Far from the exoticism of the #ExpatLife that many imagine, Chaniece spent time in the trenches doing menial jobs before an opportunity arose to actualize one of her passions, veganism. Now she's the CEO of Plant-based Consulting, a company that works with local restaurants and the vegan community to expand plant-based options and to reduce the amount of animal products consumed in the city. Today, after 5 years overseas, and after having learned so much about herself and developing so many new skills, can she see herself ever returning back "home?"

To learn more about Plant-based Consulting and Vegans of Shanghai, you can follow them on WeChat by searching for their official account, "vegansofshanghai".
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