Gabriel Clermont has a deep affinity for his hometown of New York, yet feels that it was kind of inevitable that he made the leap to living overseas, trading one global media hub for another. Each of his parents has an extraordinary #MigrationStory, and he "Didn't want to be the least adventurous person in [his] family." As familiar as living in a global hub is to him, when he arrived, he encountered a new kind of diversity, and, unlike New York, things weren't tailored specifically for your tribe or niche. You need to find a way to fit unto the systems and communities that are here- or you create one of your own. And while the very act of being able to move abroad shows how much agency one has, it doesn't mean that the path isn't riddled with obstacles, such as the Year 1, Year 3 & Year 5 hurdles that weed out many an adventurer. And how might these challenges differ for folks who go abroad at a different stage of life? Is it easier for kids to make the leap overseas straight out of college, or is it better to wait until you've had a chance to go through some of your formative young adult experiences within your home culture before doing so?


NOTE: To hear more about Eleanor Liu, Beijing's oldest expat, download episode #15!
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