As a child growing up in the predominantly white, John Hughes-ian suburbs outside Chicago (think Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club and Uncle Buck), Daphne Cheng rebelled against the expectations of her parents' native Chinese culture, but she also didn't identify with her surroundings. She chafed at taking Chinese lessons on weekends and had a tough time fitting in with the people and institutions in the area. This led to her always feeling like an outsider, neither part of her parents' culture, nor fully a part of America. So it's no wonder that today she's one of the incredible "bridge people" in China who are living connections between cultures. And for from not fitting in, she''s discovered a thriving community of fellow American-born Chinese ("ABCs") who, like her, are eager to turn their mixed heritage into a powerful lever that they can use to change the world. 
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