With the launch of Migration Media last week it only made sense for my chief collaborator in this crazy scheme, Brendan Davis, to sit down so that we could take a deep dive into his migration story. What drives a guy from the American Deep South to strike out on a career in music, film and television in LA, and then ultimately follow those passions to China? The seeds may have been planted early on with an upbringing that featured lots of migration within the US, followed by a chance encounter in his teens with some Asian philosophy texts. The journey that followed has brought him to Beijing where is busy trying to find ways to bridge the cultural divide between East and West.


Brendan Davis' interview on the "Fei's World" podcast: https://www.feisworld.com/blog/brendan-davis

Brendan Davis' interview of me on his podcast, "Big Fish In the Middle Kingdom": https://www.crazyinagoodway.com/home/2017/12/6/mike-shaw

Brendan on Twitter: @VeritasInLux


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