Season 2 has wrapped, but I'm dropping this special bonus episode as a "Going On Hiatus" present. This past spring, I organized a Beijing chapter of Podcast Brunch Club, a global community of podcast enthusiasts who gather each month to talk about what they're listening to and share recommendations. To help things along, leaders provide a Listening List of podcast episodes that follow a topic, which the local chapters discuss when they meet. "It's like book club, but for podcasts!" June's topic, Understanding China, was a great opportunity for PBC members who live in the country to share their insights with folks in chapters around the world, so we planned to livecast our conversation. That didn't work out so well (because China- thanks GFW!), but we recorded the audio to share with them anyway, and I'm dropping it here! It was a lively discussion that featured a collection of expats/migrants and local Chinese who had lots to say about what western media gets right about China, and what they often leave out of their narratives.
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