As Victoria sees it, "To become an American, you have to put in a lot of work." After all, that's been her story. Victoria's path to the U.S. started with a stroke of luck: Her mother won the visa lottery, granting her and her daughter entry to the country; but as many immigrants soon learn after they arrive, the streets in America are not paved with gold. At one point becoming homeless, acts of kindness and generosity helped them survive. Eventually, the gifted loaves of bread, the teachers who went the extra mile, and their hard work paid off. Victoria has achieved the "American Dream," having earned her PhD and achieved success in the medical equipment business. Her story is an inspiration and shows how America is made better, and richer, when we welcome the most needy of people who ask to enter.

For another take on the American immigration story, check out episodes #042 & #043 to hear the about the Baba sisters and their family's journey from Sudan to the U.S. to Sudan to the U.S. (No, that's not a typo!)
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