We all need community. And nobody needs community more than people who move overseas; we leave family and friends behind when we move, and building new networks and support systems is vital for us. This can be an especially fraught process for members of the LGBTQ community. This week, we're collaborating with our sister podcast Pop Abroad to take a closer look at how one person is turning what is normally a hardship for queer expats and migrants into a business opportunity. My guest, Gabby Gabriel, has found a way to leverage the privilege that she has as a foreigner in China to organize events and connect people and businesses in a way that supports LGBTQ people in a society where human sexuality is a taboo subject, at best, and a marker for outright discrimination at worst. Her venture, Qmmunity, is a platform that helps queer people find others like them, and helps businesses become more queer-friendly.
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