Katy Sewall used to be, as she says, one of those "get-a-great-job-and-hang-onto-it" kind of people. That is, until she got an opportunity to move to Rome where her best friend from childhood, Tiffany Parks, had been living for several years. A senior producer at NPR's Seattle affiliate, Katy decided to jump at the chance for adventure and turn her experience into creating a podcast. Their show, The Bittersweet Life, has been "on the air" ever since and has become one of the most popular shows about the #ExpatLife as it's documented their respective journeys as migrants. Katy talks with me about what it was like to make the transition from a person with a career to life as a podcasting entrepreneur, the hesitancy of long-term expats to get to know short-term folks, her migration back to and within the US, and how her show has evolved - with her- to not so much ask, "What's it like to live overseas?" as it asks, "What's it like to live, and what kind of life do you want for yourself?"
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