Steve Schwankert is one of the proudest and most committed expats that I've ever met. Originally from "the part of New Jersey that loves Spingsteen, and not the part that loves Bon Jovi," Steven had his eyes set on moving to China as early as high school. Now, 23 years after making the leap, he's sick and tired of people asking him when he's going to "come home" - because he already is. His career in journalism has led him to many interesting projects, and his latest, the new documentary, The Six, is incredibly exciting. It tells the story of how he and his collaborators set off to unearth the stories of the 6 Chinese migrant workers who survived the sinking of the Titanic. Not only is it an incredible feat of research and storytelling, but it lays bare the risks and discrimination that migrants in the [late 19th and early] 20th centuries faced when they tried making their way from East to West. And while technology and methods of transport may have changed for most migrants since then, the story otherwise remains the same. And the greatest lesson for all of us might not be what it takes for people to make their way to a new home, but what their effort says about what it means to originally be from that place. Can you know what it means to be an American if you've never had to fight to be one?
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