This week I'm bringing you the first of my conversations with two sisters who've shared a similar globe-spanning bi-cultural upbringing. Ethar Baba is the youngest in a family of 6 Sudanese-American children who all split their time between their parents' hometown of Khartoum and Washington, D.C. Moving back and forth between cultures during her childhood caused some problems, making her feel sometimes like she didn't fit in in either place. It wasn't until she got to college where was able to accept and begin to integrate her two identities. Ironically, it's only been since she started living in China, and she picked up an insatiable travel bug, that she's been able to finally get a sense of where "Home" is in all of that. For now, anyway.

Note: This interview was recorded live at meeting of the Beijing chapter of Podcast Brunch Club, which is why you'll hear some moving about and the occasional clinking of glasses and silverware. in the background. To learn more about PBC check out the bonus episode from June.

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