We kick off Season 3 of the show by welcoming our newest team member to Migration Media, Michelle Ibarra! Her show, Pop Abroad, explores the keys to finding success and living your best life overseas. The show's first season explores the importance of community in our lives and how successful people have built theirs. Her own desire for community led her to the organization Girl Gone International, where she's thrived as the Shanghai-based Community Manager for Asia & Oceania. Along the way, she's had stints in Argentina, South Korea and Europe, and now she says that she might be ready for some time back in the US. But I'm not sure if I believe her. Given how good she is at the whole community-building thing, I think that her call to live overseas hasn't quite expired yet.

Check out Michelle's podcast, "Pop Abroad" here, or by searching for it wherever you get your podcasts! You can also follow Michelle on Instagram at @PopAbroad. Learn more about Girl Gone International and search for a chapter near you by visiting them online, or on all of the social media places:

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