This is it dear listeners. We've come to the end of yet another season- and what a ride it's been! When I began this experiment last summer I was searching for community. I was thinking a lot about the changes that I have gone through as I have spent more and more time overseas, and I was wondering if anybody else out there was going through the same thing. Now only have I discovered that the questions that have been coming up for me are nearly universal among people who choose to live overseas, but there is also precious little space for us to talk about them with each other. So this podcast has not only gained a small but growing audience, but it's become a passion project that has all but overtaken everything else in my life, and it's inspired some big changes, as you'll hear... To wrap up Season 2 of the show, I'm joined once again by amazing partner in life, Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati, to talk about the incredible shifts that have taken place in our lives over the last 6 months, and how our #MigrationStory is about to undergo a drastic evolution!

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