While growing up in his native Argentina, Brian O'shea never quite felt like he belonged, so it's no surprise that his idea of where "Home" is boils down the sum of an equation with ever-shifting values that works out to something like Home = Where You Are + Where Your family Is + Where the People You Care About Are. It's probably one of the most adaptable and relate-able definitions that I've come across so far- which makes sense, since Brian is one of the most adaptable and relate-able people that you can ever hope to meet. And it's those traits that have helped him achieve massive success as a vlogger in China, where he has tens of millions of fans who tune in to his videos. He's become what I like to call a "bridge person," someone is uniquely positioned to help connect people from different cultures, and he's created a space where Chinese people can learn about their own culture through his discovery of it.

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