Jun Trinh never thought he'd be in China. As a half-Chinese kid growing up in Toronto he refused offers to take trips there with his family. He never went to Mandarin class. But now, 11 years after a detour during an around-the-world trip all but marooned him in Beijing, he's thinking about his next steps and reflecting on the internal voyage of self-discovery that he's been on since he's been there. His time in China has not only changed him, but he's had the very rare opportunity to make a visible, tangible impact on the culture. He's opened a successful restaurant that has blazed a culinary trail in the city's ultra-competitive, world-class F&B scene, and his talents even landed him on TV, first as a contestant and a judge on popular cooking shows, and then as a host of his own travel / cooking show. So how does one follow up such n incredible decade-plus stint like that? Could the only logical next goal be to become a yacht captain in the Mediterranean? Just who is this guy, anyway? Does he even know?

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