We humans have a deep need for community- none more so than we humans who are living outside of our places of origin. The power of community organizing is twofold: We not only make ourselves feel like we fit and belong in a place, but it also helps us discover more about ourselves. The overseas journey of my guest this week, Abe Sorock, began as a member of the Moishe House project, which sent him down a road of self-discovery. Did he help to organize the community, or did it organize him? His current with with the Global Shapers project is an extension of this idea- The need for community to help with mentorship. As Abe notes, with younger expats there are usually lots of folks around who are either in your age cohort or who are really senior. There is a shortage of mid-level role-models and advisers. So community is necessary... This current generation has witnessed massive change and has found themselves having to live in ways that nobody has taught them how to live. And this goes double for those of us who are living overseas. Then there's the challenging notion of people who have been outside of the US for the last decade as being "The Last Americans."

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