From the very start, Amelie Mongrain has been in places where she had to fit herself into her surroundings, which might be why she says that home is "wherever my two feet are." She's gone from a child of Quebecois parents growing up in rural northeastern Ontario, to a high school exchange student in Turkey, to big city life in Montreal for university, and then to Shanghai right after graduation. Then her real adventure began. From the typical party scene as one of the very few female expats in 1990s Shanghai, to building a business in the textile sector during China's manufacturing boom, to raising a son and then sending him off to university in a "home country" that he'd never lived in, she's done it all. Now she's on a whole new adventure: Empty-Nesting. It's a story of non-stop exploration and personal evolution, where even her chosen career has become a glorified excuse to travel the world and a vehicle for offering mentoring to young professionals in her field- something she never had in her early Shanghai days.
Bonus: For more insight into the unique culture of French Canadians in Ontario, check out this great story from the New York Times that was published just a few days after we recorded our interview: Ontario Has Francophones? Oui, Beaucoup, and They’re Angry
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