Kira Sirois can kick my ass. At least that's the feeling that I had when we sat down for our chat. It's not that she's mean or puts off an "I'm ready to fight you" vibe. Rather, there's a "solid-ness" to her, an inner strength that demands to be recognized & dealt with. So what happens when a tough-as-nails military brat finds herself butting heads with a machismo-filled culture? Frustration, tat's what. Kira & I talk about her journey from bouncing around the US as a kid to the better part of a decade spent in Hawaii, then to her new life in Tasmania, and how she's done it all while staying true to herself. It's an engaging #MigrationStory filled with lots of twists and turns, and it opened my eyes to the extra level of difficulty that women can face when they strike out on their own. It's something that I've read about and have been able to intellectualize, but I've never sat down and talked with somebody who was able to so passionately communicate the essence of what it means to try to stand your ground when everybody around you just wishes that you'd stop it already.
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