To wrap us Season 1 of Migratory Patterns we end where we began: by welcoming my amazing wife & partner, Alisa (Margaret!) Rutherford-Fortunati, onto the show. A lot has changed since we recorded what was supposed to be a test interview in early April. Now, one move across town, a Masters degree, and 19 episodes later, we sit down to... well, I don't know, really. Alisa surprised me with the topic, which was supposed to be a rap session about which of our memories anchor us to our individual identities, and what sensory experiences go along with them. As we quickly discovered, my brain doesn't hang onto experiences the same way that hers does, and the resulting conversation that we have about this clash causes us to reflect on what makes us feel safe and "at home," and how we're able to blend our lives together while each processing the migration experience in our own way.
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