Ragini Kashyap's migration story has taken her all around the world- several times over. It's that upbringing, which has exposed her to cultures in the Middle East, India, Canada & the U.K., which has helped foster her desire to bridge the divides that so often separate people, while her deep love of food has given it form. Ragini's "Bordered Dinner" series is an idea that is as simple as it is powerful: Design a dinner menu centered around dishes from a region of the world that has been divided by geopolitical forces (most often by conflict). Then bring folks from both sides of the divide to sit down and revel in the common smells and flavors that continue to bond them, even though walls may have gone up between them.


Listen to the profile of Ragini's Bordered Dinners on PRI's The World here: https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-08-29/cross-border-meals-connect-people-countries-conflict


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