We kick off the Migratory Patterns podcast with the most important expat in my life: my amazing wife, Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati! Far from an act of nepotism, I used this interview to have a long-overdue deep dive into what motivated her to leave home, drive across the US alone, move to New Zealand and eventually end up in Beijing... where she married me! Alisa's story is awesome and she spins a great yarn. So sit back and enjoy her tale of searching for a place to call home; its a journey that many international migrants are on.


Hear all f the details about how I began my own journey to the #ExpatLife, as well as the full story of how Alisa and I met on Episode #29 of the Big Fish In the Middle Kingdom podcast: http://bigfishmiddlekingdom.libsyn.com/029-from-boston-to-beijing-mike-shaw


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